Welcome to My Student Oddysey

Welcome to my student social media blog.

I wish to thank my lecturers for providing the impetus for starting this blog, even if that impetus consists of compulsory assessment tasks. Nevertheless, this blog is part of a wonderful social media odyssey and is a clear demonstration that with persistence and a keen desire, an old dog can learn a new trick or two.

Web 2.0 has delivered an amazing world of opportunity. The world of publication, sharing and content curration is all just a few clicks away and the price of entry is something less than being a media mogul. It is now all before us and we have the choice either to harness that power or try to stand firm against the torrent only to be washed away in a sea of confusion. My choice is to try to harness that power and show that it can be done even if you had your formative years before smartphones, nay, mobile phones were even invented.

Over the coming weeks I will be blogging about various facets of social media and its impacts. These are topics that are contemporary and are increasingly relevant to our daily lives. No matter what your field of interest or work, social media will impact you in some way. We all have to promote ourselves, even if only socially and now we can reach more people than ever.

When not studying media, I moonlight as the mother of two teenage boys, practice law, practice patience and blog at my own personal blog site.

Come along for my student ride. I may end up with a Masters of Law, Media and Journalism and we will both be changed by our interaction, no matter how small.

Leave a litle piece of you on this blog by making a comment. It will be read with interest.

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